Value Collectables

Identify and Authenticate Items

As part of our full suite of services, we provide item valuations from homes and estates. With the growing number of collectors worldwide, we understand that every treasured piece has a story to share and a unique history to cherish. Our experts will be able to identify and authenticate items in order to connect you with the right buyer and get you the best price. Fully insured valuations are also an option if required and we are licensed to insure artworks and other luxury items.

Dedicated to Provide Fully Insured Valuations

To ensure your collection is genuine and unique in the market, Macey & Sons are dedicated to provide fully insured valuations for the listed chattels:

  • Artworks (e.g. sculptures and paintings)
  • Antiques and Silver
  • Vintage jewellery
  • Wrist watches and clocks
  • Fine wine
  • Home and Contents and Property valuations

A Unique Offering

As a unique offering, we often work with loss adjusting firms and insurance companies to discreetly and professionally advise our clients in their ongoing insurance needs. You may make an appointment in advance for valuation.