Invest with Macey & Sons

25% of our clients achieved a successful profit return from every art piece they purchase from us.

SELLING (Exit Strategy)

We sell art and collectables through exhibitions, private sales and auctions.


We hold exhibitions around Asia every year, but our unique model is we diversify our exhibitions into more than just art fairs. Our past pop-up exhibitions include lifestyle fairs, luxury car showrooms, luxury conference, equestrian shows and many more innovative opportunities. A wider horizon expands the opportunity for exposure to potential buyers in the secondary market.

Private Sales

We market the works and our team of specialists spots our available artworks or collectables to the next potential collector or investor whom adds to their portfolio. This platform can be very lucrative for works that are rare or are no longer available in the primary market.

Gallery Sales

Our 2-floor office in Hong Kong regularly exhibits our client’s works to find potential collectors or investors. Regularly we host in-house events in our private showroom to maximise footsteps and expand sales opportunities.


In the art and collectables market this is one of the key points to know about your piece. With us, all our artworks, antiquities and other luxury collectables come from a trusted network of sellers and buyers. A majority of works are sourced direct from the artist or from families of deceased from around the globe.


Our global capabilities are reached by having close relationships with different new alliances. Including:

Duke’s Auctioneers, UK

American Express, HK

Asia Contemporary Art Buyer, HK


Our team of specialists come from different sectors of the collectables world, for instance our founder and CEO Mr. Jonathan Macey.

Moved from West to East Jonathan grew up in a family of auctioneers and antiquity specialists in United Kingdom. Following the footsteps of his father, he built his own career in the art and collectables market over the experience of 30 years. Jonathan established a massive interest in Chinese antiquities and the Asian art market, which led him to start his own art advisory 8 years ago in Hong Kong.

Today, Jonathan has built a team of experts in different areas of the alternative investment market to provide a dedicated portfolio suitable for any collector requirements.


Macey’s character and style in working the audience has raised millions for charities and non-profit organisations. We are the official auctioneers for over 10 charities, including Rotary Club Wan Chai, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Sovereign Asian Art Foundation, The Elephant Society and many more.

For everyone in the art scenes of Hong Kong, we host monthly seminars inviting special guest speakers from different sectors of the art industry to further educate the diversity of art and collectables market and creative culture in Hong Kong.