Kei Hiraga
Tokyo, Japan 1936 - 2000


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Credited as a major influence over contemporary Japanese art, Key Hiraga's

eclectic works liberated painting from the rigid confines of tradition, indulging

primordial impulse with a luscious palette and a cast of deviant characters.

Here, two hyper-sexualised figures enhanced with fetishistic details and

myriad patterning hang from opposite ends of the composition, inciting rich,

visual chaos.


Kei Hiraga was a Japanese visual artist who was born in 1936 Tokyo, a time of great uncertainty as the threat of war had cast a dark cloud over the city. He was a Japanese artist whose paintings possessed recognizable figuration as well as narration, which makes them look fresh even today.


He was educated in economics, once Key Hiraga gained his father's approval in the late 1950s to pursue an artistic career, he threw himself into artistic pursuits.  Using the symbolic charisma of abstract expressions as a response to the concurrent artistic movements in Europe and America, Key Hiraga created a unique school of artistic style to call his own.


Kei Hiraga has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Galerie Loevenbruck. Many works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Fenetre (Window); Window' sold at Christie's Hong Kong 'Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art (Evening Sale)' in 2014 for $314,502. There have been many articles about Kei Hiraga, including 'Key Hiraga and Tetsumi Kudo at Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris' written for ARTINFO in 2017. The artist died in 2000.


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Kei Hiraga Museum 平賀敬美術館, Odawara City, Japan



2019       Key Hiraga: Works 7958-7993, Ortuzar Projects, New York, New York

2018       The Spirit of Burai: The Life and Timesof Key Hiraga, Bonhams, New York, New York

2017       En affinite(s): Key Hiraga Tetsumi Kudo, Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris, France

2015       Key Hiraga, Studio Garibaldi, Milan, Italy

2013       Key Hiraga Ill: 7960s-7990s, Furna Contemporary/Bunkyo Art, Tokyo, Japan

2008      The Elegant Life of Key Hiraga, A Japanese artist in Europe 7965-7974, The Mayor Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2006      The Elegant Life of Mr. H: Days for Roses and Sake, Furna Contemporary/Bunkyo Art, Tokyo, Japan

2000      Avant-Garde Pop by Key Hiraga, Modern Painter, Hiratsuka Museum of Art, Hiratsuka, Japan

               Collected Paintings of Key Hiraga, Bokushin Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1974       New Works by Key Hiraga, Furna Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1972       La Elegante Vita di Mr. K, Galleria del Naviglio, Milan, Italy

1971       The Crazy World of Mr. K, Galerie T, Haarlem, The Netherlands

1969      The Elegant Life of Key Hiraga, Gallery Seven, Tokyo, Japan

1968      The Elegant Life of Mr. P, Galerie T, Haarlem, The Netherlands

1967      Tableaux de Key Hiraga, Galerie Lambert, Paris, France

1966      Travers Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland




2004      Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York

               Fonds Municipal d'Art Contemporain, Paris

               Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art (MOMAT), Tokyo, Japan

               National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto (MoMAK), Kyoto, Japan

               National Museum of Art Osaka (NMAO), Osaka, Japan


Portrait of History Forger  1993,  Acrylic on Paper, 19cm x 15cm
Elegant Life of Mr.H 1969, Oil on Canvas, 45.5cm x 38cm