Nie Ou 聶鷗
Shenyang, Liaonang Province, China 1948


Nie Ou encountered Western art at an early age but initially avoided traditional Chinese art. She attended the Beijing Youth Palace, a preparatory school that incorporated Western art into the curriculum. In 1969, she was sent to a small farm in Datong as part of the Cultural Revolution agenda of re-educating urban youth. Based on her experiences in Datong, peasant life became a prominent subject in her work. Only after her return to Beijing did Nie express interest in learning Chinese painting techniques. Nie uses an abstract style to merge contemporary peasant figures with traditional ink techniques and landscape elements. Her oil paintings, such as the two in our collection, contradict the traditional definition of Chinese painting as ink on paper.


Nie Ou was born in Shenyang in 1948 and moved to Beijing with her family in 1953. Nie received her first art lessons at the Beijing Municipal Children’s Palace in 1954. From 1960-1966 Nie was studied Chinese Brush Ink Painting at the Beijing Municipal Children’s Centre. Nie’s education was unexpectedly interrupted during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and in 1969 she was sent to a farm in Yanbei for re-education.  


On returning to Beijing, Nie expressed a desire to learn traditional Chinese painting. She enrolled at the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts to complete a Postgraduate course in Traditional Chinese Brush Ink painting under the tutelage of Li Keran. After graduating in 1981, Nie joined the Beijing Painting Academy as a Professional Painting Master. Nie also joined the China Artists Association and was elected Director.  


Nie’s works take their inspiration from her time spent in Yanbei during the revolution and mixes the contemporary villagers with the traditional style of ink drawings. Living the life of peasants, they worked long, strenuous hours but Nie ultimately found piece of mind in the remote land. Her paintings rarely feature any traces of city life. Her favoured subjects involve serene country activities such as a family working together in the fields or a child tickling the ear of her sleeping grandfather.   


Children also feature heavily in Nie’s works, reflecting her both her personal experience and her view of the world through innocent eyes and a child-like heart. Using spontaneous brushwork and infrequent areas of colour, Nie manages to depict the most rudimentary and unsullied form of the images. Nature is reduced to its simplest form, as if being seen by a child. The unique appeal of Nie’s paintings is their ability to remind us of long forgotten childhoods.   


Nie’s works have been exhibited frequently throughout the US, Europe and Asia and have been selected into may public and private collections, including at the British Museum. 


Artist : Nie Ou
Title : Country Life 
Dimension : 16 x 22 cm 
Media : Ink, colour/paper





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