Hyon Gyon
South Korea 1979


Known for her use of traditional Korean shamanistic imagery in her paintings and sculptures, Hyon Gyon’s artworks explore the intensity of personal and universal human emotion. The result of a lifelong fascination with melting textiles, her multimedia paintings and sculptures frequently involve taking a soldering iron to satin fabrics; a cycle of destruction and creation which imitates life. An itinerant nomad, Hyon Gyon has lived and shown her artworks all around the world. 


After living in Japan for nine years, Hyon Gyon moved to New York City in 2013. With this change in environment, her practice and method have radically shifted transforming her approach into one guided by more abstract, more intuitive imagery. Abstraction conditioned by the response of diverse materials such as beads, gold leaf, pottery shards, feathers, wax, and encaustic now guide Hyon Gyon in very different directions than the work of her last major series, which centered on the figure of a Korean shaman. Hyon Gyon is currently exploring and experimenting with new ways to expand her practice: video and diverse painting media, allowing the city to impress itself on her through its textures and surfaces. 


Selected Solo Exhibitions  


“Si On: Female Creature”, Hunt Kastner, Prague, Czech Republic



“Hyon Gyon”, Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art, London, UK  



“Cruel World”, Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong  2016  “Emotional Drought”, Shin Gallery, New York, USA  



“Hyon Gyon and the Factory Chashama”, New York, USA  

“No-Mad Nomad”, Pioneer Works, New York, USA  



“Phantoms on Parade”, Shin Gallery, New York, USA     

“All Night Haps”, HAPS, Kyoto, Japan  



“The Incarnation of The World”, Gallery Golmok, Seoul, Korea  



“New incubation 3, On a Knife Edge”, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan  



“Giragira”, g3 gallery, Tokyo, Japan “Tamahuri”, g3 gallery, Tokyo, Japan  



“lyoiyo”, Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong  



“Iyoiyo”, Magical ArtRoom, Tokyo, Japan     

“TWS-Emerging 099”, Awesome Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, Japan

“Tokyo Wonder Wall”, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tokyo, Japan 


Selected Group Exhibitions  


Elements of Transcendence”, Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kong

“Paint, also known as blood. Woman, Affect, and Desire in Contemporary Painting”, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland

“Trip” (in collaboration with Jakub Julian Ziolkowski),BWA Wroclaw Galleries of Contemporary Art, Wroclaw, Poland  



“Great Nobles of the Country“, BWA Tarnów, Poland     

“Holy Nothing” (in collaboration with Jakub Julian Ziolkowski), Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland     

“Sue Coe, Eliza Douglas, Joseph Geagan, Hyon Gyon”, James Fuentes Gallery, New York, USA  



“Culture City of East Asia 2017”, Kyoto, Japan     

“The World is a Stage, but the Play is Badly Cast”, Batu Museum, New York, USA     “Naturalia”, Paul Kasmin, New York, USA  



“Art for Art's Sake: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation”, Carnegie Art Museum, California, USA BEYOND SECRETARY, Mark Borghi Gallery, New York, USA  



“The Brooklyn Artists Ball”, Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA 



KAWAI, CAMP - Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens, Greece     

Kyoto Artist Meeting 2013, Antenna Media, Kyoto, Japan 

Kyoto Studio, @KCUA, Kyoto, Japan  



“Phantoms of Asia”, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, USA

Transmit Program #3 Metis, @KCUA, Kyoto, Japan  



“Tokyo Frontline”, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan  



“Tokyo Wonder Wall 10th Anniversary Museum ofbContemporary Art”, Japan 

Neoneo Part2 (girl) Neoneo Girls Open Iwato Personally /Takahashi I collection Tokyo, Japan  



“Wakuwaku Joban-Kashiwa Proj-Ect”, TSCA, Kashiwa, Japan 



Pioneer Works, New York, USA Residency Unlimited, New York, USA ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Program),     New York, USA   


Public Collections  

Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA 

The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, USA 

Fredrick R. Weisman Art Foundation, Los Angeles, USA 

Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan 

Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan 

Kyoto Bank, Kyoto, Japan Takahashi Collection, Tokyo, Japan   


Fellowships /Awards  

Kyoto Cultural Award, 2014 

Tokyo Wonder Wall Competition Prize, 2014 

Kyoto City Special Bounty of Art and Cultural, 2012 

Asao Kato International Scholarship, 2006-2008