Zhou Jin Hua
China 1978


Born in Sichuan in 1978, young Zhou Jinhua has had numerous solo exhibitions globally at his early age. Graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Academy of Fine Arts, Zhou Jinhua also teaches at the Art Department at Beihai Institute. Since 2002, Zhou began to paint miniature people, ideas first generated from his interest in photography, particularly, taking aerial images. Through his lens, these bird’s eye views allow him to look at the world from a different perspective. He observes human beings as a group or as an individual, their daily activities, living environments, social status and life attitudes. They are equally interesting and inspiring. Further to this observation is something deeper, Zhou Jinhua intends to bring a more philosophical message from his paintings – social transformation and phenomenon. His paintings are very carefully thought-out and very often absurd and impressive. His colour palette is very rich, colourful yet sympathetic. Zhou Jinhua’s paintings portray the style of post-modern realism, his works are like looking at comic books, narrating the fascinating dramas. 


Zhou Jinhua is a young and talented artist, famous for painting extremely meticulous and distinctive aerial view images.  


Zhou Jinhua achieved the Sovereign Asia Art Prize in Hong Kong in 2007.   


Zhou also won a recognized recommendation award at the Shanghai Art Expo young artists’ exhibition in Shanghai in 2006.   


Has an auction record price of HK$504,000 set at Poly International for “Where was it from”.  


Zhou was featured on the front cover of Asian Art News magazine- Volume 19.  


His artworks have been exhibited in major cities including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Luxembourg, Berlin, etc.  


Zhou’s artworks are widely collected by international galleries and private collectors including Guangdong Art Museum (China), White Rabbit Collection, (Sydney), Yuz Museum (Indonesia) and University of Mannheim (Germany).


Educations and Background 


Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts      





Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Hong Kong

傑出亞洲藝術獎, 香港   


Solo Exhibitions


“Remains of the Day" Zhou Jin Hua Solo Exhibition, Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai, China     

"印跡"周金華個展, 中國上海 ARTLABOR 畫廊



Dreamy Reality, New Gallery, Taipei     

如夢, 新畫廊/台北  



Destiny, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong     

命運, 少勵畫廊 /香港  



Zhou Jin Hua, Neuffer am Park Museum, Germany     

周金華, Neuffer am Park美術館 /德國     


Real Absurdity, Taipei     

真實的荒謬, 百藝畫廊 /台北  



The Adjustment of Controversies, Gallery Beijing Space     

齊物論, 北京空間 /北京     


Everything looks good, before it happens Konstanz Museum, Germany

當事情發生前,一切似乎都很好, 康斯坦茨美術館 /德國  



Constancy, Inconstancy, Gallery Beijing Space     

常 ·變, 北京空間 /北京  



The Observer, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong     

不動聲色, 少勵畫廊 /香港  



Us, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong     

我們, 少勵畫廊 /香港  


Group Exhibitions


Red Dot Miami, Miami, United States of America     

Red Dot Miami, 美國邁亞密     


"Extension" After Typhoon Shanzhu Shenzhen International Art Fair Nomination Exhibition, Guo Feng Art Center, Shenzhen, China     

"延續"山竹之後深圳藝術博覽會機構提名展,  中國深圳國風藝術館     


Shenzhen International Art Fair 2018 Nomination Exhibition, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China     

2018深圳國際藝術博覽會機構提名展, 中國深圳市國際會展中心      


"Paint The Web Pink" Group Exhibition, ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai, China     

"粉墨登陸"群展, 中國上海 ART LABOR 畫廊  



10 Years of Love Group Exhibition, ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai, China     

拾愛群展, 中國上海 ART LABOR 畫廊  



"FireFlowers" Group Exhibition,  ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai, China     

"花火"群展, 中國上海 ART LABOR 畫廊          



Another Vision – Research Exhibition on the Visual Language of Oil Painting, Times Art Museum, Beijing     

另一種視野 - 繪畫語言研究展, 時代美術館/北京     


Borderless Realm, Beijing     

無界之界藝術展, 北京  



Ghost of Realism – Five Artists’ Exhibition of Contemporary New Realism, AK Art Centre, Beijing     

現實主義的幽靈-當代新現實主義五人展, AK藝術中心/北京     


Squares and Circles in May, Lucie Chang Fine Art & Fringe Club Hong Kong     

五月方圓, 藝穗會當代藝術空間/ 香港     


Bright Night, Duge Courtyard, Beijing     

璀璨之夜, 北京杜格私人藝術空間 /北京  



Synesthesia Talented Young Artists Exhibition, Soka Art Centre, Beijing     

同構.對畫--兩岸青年藝術家作品交流展, 北京索卡藝術中心/北京     


Excitation Variable- The new narrative spirit painting exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing     

激變——新敘事性精神繪畫展, 北京當代藝術館/北京  



World event young artists 2012, Nottingham, UK     

第一屆世界青年藝術節, 諾丁漢/英國     


Latitude/Attitude”Twenty years of Schoeni Art Gallery, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong     

香港少勵畫廊20週年展《緯度·態度》, 少勵畫廊 /香港   



Nostalgia and met – Exhibition Tour, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing     

鄉愁與相遇 -巡迴展, 南京/杭州/成都/重慶     


Ramble, F2 Gallery , Beijing   

漫步, F2畫廊/北京     


Scenery, Silhouette – Triumph Art Space Collection of Portraits, Triumph Art Space, Beijing

那景 那影 - 凱旋人物系列收藏展, 藝· 凱旋藝術空間/北京  



China Welcomes You, Municipal Museum of Art in Oldenburg, Germany     

中國歡迎您, 奧爾登堡市立美術館/德國,奧爾登堡市     


The Tao of Now, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia 

The Tao of Now, 白兔美術館/澳大利亞悉尼     


Quote out the Context, T Art Centre, Beijing     

斷章取義 - 12個中國藝術家聯展, 北京梯級藝術中心/北京  



Lovely Blossoms and Full Moon, Yuz Museum Jakarta, Indonesia     

花好月圓, 余德耀美術館/印尼  



Chinese Fantasies - Found Museum Opening Exhibition, Found Museum, Beijing     

中國幻想 - 鑄造藝術館開幕展, 北京鑄造藝術館/北京     


The Shape of Life – The Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artistic Themes, Nanjing Phoenix Art Museum     

生命的形狀-《中國東。西》當代藝術主題邀請展, 南京鳳凰美術館/南京     


Anything is Possible - Chinese artists exhibition, Luxembourg     

一切皆有可能 - 中國藝術家作品展, 盧森堡   



Your View, My Story – Chinese Young Artists Exhibition, Berlin, Germany     

你的觀點,我的故事 - 中國青年藝術家作品展, 德國柏林     


Encounter Painting – Ten Artists Exhibition, National Museum of China, Beijing     

遭遇繪畫 - 10人作品展, 中國美術館/北京     


Look up, look down, Gallery Beijing Space     

向上看,向下看, 北京空間/北京     


Start from Southwest – Southwest Contemporary Art Exhibition 1985-2007, Guangdong Art Museum     
從西南出發 - 西南當代藝術展 1985—2007, 廣東美術館/廣東     


Bittersweet Generation – Chinese Young Artists Exhibition, Museum of Mannheim, Germany

酸酸甜甜的一代 - 中國青年藝術家作品展, 德國曼海姆博物館/德國  



Sixth exhibition of new China oil paintings, Denmark Culture Centre, Beijing     

中國油畫新新力量第六回展, 北京丹麥文化藝術中心/北京     


Shanghai Art Expo young artists exhibition, Shanghai     

上海藝術博覽會青年藝術家推介展, 上海藝術博覽會/上海     


Art Beijing, Beijing     

藝術北京, 北京  



1+1, Zhou Jin Hua, Wan Yi Sheng Group Exhibition, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong     

1+1 - 周金華,萬藝生雙人作品展, 少勵畫廊 /北京     


First annual national academy excellence oil painting exhibition, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen     

首屆全國美院油畫專業優秀作品展, 何香凝美術館 /深圳