Shazia Imran
Australia 1971


“The inherent capacity of art to transcend linguistic and cultural borders provides an amazing opportunity to create mutual emotional and sensory experiences that can break these boundaries and unite audiences behind a core message of shared global experience.

My recent body of work is based on the mandala, representing the wholeness and unit of mankind. Representing the universe itself, the mandala is both microcosm and macrocosm and we all are part of it. No matter what region. race or religion we belong to, we are all same, we are all humans. This body of work showcases how despite all our difference the core human values across the world are the same. Using the mandala in my paintings I observe the similarities in various communities through painting the common motifs and weaving the threads to depict human connections.”



Pakistani born, Australian artist Shazia Imran is best known for her expressive mixed media pieces.


She has won many international awards including Lorenzo il Magnifico Award at the Florence Biennale 2015, Applied Arts Award at the London Biennale 2017, ‘ Most Collectible Artist’ Award at Shenzhen City Art Fair, First prize at the 2018 Chianciano Biennale, 2nd prize International Confederation of Art Critics Award 2019 London Biennale and multiple awards in Australia.


London Biennale 2019, International Confederation of Art Critics Award, 2nd prize


Her work has been exhibited internationally and hangs in public and private collections in Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, China and Singapore. She recently had sell-out shows in Hong Kong.

She recently finished a large commission project for luxury VIP accommodation, The Mansion, for MGM hotel in Macau. Four of her pieces are in Rajamangala University Thailand’s collection.


Shazia draws her inspiration from her travels, exploring the infinite expressiveness of her subjects through mixed media. Her delicately multi-layered paintings explore the connections between landscape, memory and the subconscious through texture and the interplay of light and dark creating an atmosphere that opens itself up to multiple meanings.


Her recent body of work is based on the mandala – representing the wholeness and unity of mankind.

Representing the universe itself, the mandala is both microcosm and macrocosm and we all are part of it.



2019 London Art Biennale 2019, Confederation of Critics 2nd prize winner, London, UK

2018 First prize, 2018 Chianciano Biennale, held at Chianciano Museum of Arts, Chianciano, Italy

2017 London Art Biennale 2017 award winner, 3rd prize in Applied Arts category, London, UK Winner ‘Most Collectible Artist’ Award at

Shenzhen City Art Fair, Shenzhen, China

2015 Lorenzo il Magnifico Award 2015 Florence Biennale in mixed media, Florence, Italy

2016 Highly Commended in Sculpture, Royal Easter Show, Sydney, Australia

2015 First prize in Sculpture, Hills Orange Blossom Festival Art Awards, Sydney, Australia

2014 Highly Commended in Watercolour painting, Harvey Lowe Pavilion, NSW, Australia

2012 Highly Commended in Watercolour painting, CPAS, Foundation Week Open Arts Awards, Sydney, Australia

2006 2nd prize in Watercolour painting, Baulkham Hills Art Society, Baulkham Hills, Australia

2006 Award winner, Annual Art Awards, Parramatta Art Society, Australia

2004 Bronze medal, 21st National Print Awards, Australia.



2019 Ritz-Carlton Shenzhen, China

2016 'Entwined'. Breathing Colours Art Gallery, Balmain NSW Australia

2015 'Explore'. Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2014 'Reveal'. Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, Australia


Asia Contemporary Art ShowConrad, Hong Kong2018