Shi Lifeng
China 1968


Born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in 1968, Shi lifeng graduated from the Hebei Normal University in 1991. Shi’s artworks represent an evolution from the Social­ist Realism of the 1980s to the start of Expressive Individualism in Chinese contemporary art. It is said that the Red Man series reflect Shi Lifeng’s inner self. The importance of this creation is Shi’s inner psychological world, and how he describe the paradox of pain and happiness of life from his paintings. Very often, he painted these red figures against a political setting. The groups of red figures are tangled together and climbing forward with hopes. Shi lifeng’s work has a realistic thought by using the illustration of red figures which strive to improve their station in life.


Shi Lifeng is famous for his “Red Person” series, a very powerful creation of red figures in contrasts with black or vivid blue backgrounds.  


Has had over 30 artworks sold through auctions globally, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, New York and Paris.  


Has an auction record price of ~US$63,250 for “Utopic No.1”.  


Shi lifeng’s artworks have been exhibited internationally which includes Hong Kong, China, Singapore, France, The Netherlands, England and Scandinavia.  


Has had exposure at major art fairs, such as Frieze Art Fair, London, Art Basel Miami, Art Basel Switzerland, Hong Kong Art Fair (also part of Art Basel since 2012), etc. 


Educations and Background 


Graduated from the Hebei Normal University, Hebei Province, China     



Public Collections

Poly Art Museum, China 

National Art Museum of China 

Today Art Museum, China   

Songzhuang Art Gallery, China  

Los Angeles Artists Association, USA   

Museum of Zurich, Switzerland  

Musée du Luxembourg, France 


Private Collections

Finance Director, China Real Estate,  Goldman Sachs   

Director of Yeu Ming Tai Chemical  Industrial Company, Taiwan  

CEO, Audi Germany

Two senior managers at BMW,  Merchandising Department, China


Solo Exhibitions


The 13th China International Gallery Exposition - Shi Lifeng Solo Exhibition, Yang Gallery,      Beijing, China     

石立峰個展, 中國北京楊畫廊   



Shi Lifeng's "Utopia" at Green T.House, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China     

石立峰個展, 北京甦蒙畫廊  



Red Age•Shi Lifeng Solo Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Singapore

石立峰個展, 新加坡楊畫廊  



Shi Lifeng Solo Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Singapore

石立峰個展, 新加坡楊畫廊 


Group Exhibitions


China Art Industry Expo, Songzhuang, Beijing, China     

中國藝術品產業博覽會, 中國北京宋莊     


Artexpo New York, New York, USA     

美國紐約藝術博覽會, 美國紐約     


Licensing Expo 2018, Las Vegas, USA     

美國拉斯維加斯藝術博覽會, 美國拉斯維加斯  



Shenzhen International Art Fair, Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China     

深圳國際藝術博覽會, 中國深圳會展中心     


The Beginning Exhibition of Next Generation Art Museum of China, Next Generation Art Museum, Beijing China     

中國後代藝術館開館展, 中國北京中國後代藝術館     


Songzhang Artist Jiangxi Expedition Exhibition, Beijing Eastern Art Center, Beijing China     

宋莊藝術家江西考察展, 中國北京東區藝術中心     


The International Art Exposition of Basel, Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong     

香港巴塞爾春季博覽會, 香港會展中心  



Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Singapore     

新加坡博覽會, 新加坡  



Conscious & Performance, Yigeng  Museum, Songzhuang     

意識與行動國際藝術邀請展, 一耕美術館, 宋莊     


Printmaking in 2015 – Art from China, Tang Gallery, Estonia     

來自中國的藝術, 愛沙泥亞, 唐畫廊     


Butterfly & Kite, Doujiao Museum, Songzhuang China     

阿風箏與蝴蝶 – 中外當代藝術交流展,鬥角美術館, 宋莊


Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2015,  Hong Kong     

香港Affordable Art Fair 2015, 香港     


Art Singapore, Singapore     

藝術新加坡, 新加坡     


Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2015, Hong Kong    

亞洲當代藝術博覽會2015, 香港  



Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2014, Hong Kong     

香港Affordable Art Fair 2014, 香港     


Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2014, Hong Kong     

亞洲當代藝術博覽會2014, 香港  



Art Singapore, Singapore     

藝術新加坡, 新加坡     


Songzhuang Art Festival, Sunshine Museum, Beijing, China     

宋莊文化藝術節, 北京宋莊上上美術館     


Songzhuang Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yida Art Museum, Beijing     

宋莊當代藝術展, 北京  



SH Contemporary Art Fair 2011, Shanghai     

上海藝術博覽會國際當代藝術展, 上海     


Contemporary Group Exhibition, Yijie Art Gallery, Shanghai     

當代藝術展, 上海  



Luxembourg Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition, Luxembourg Museum     

盧森堡博物館當代藝術精品展, 盧森堡博物館     


Chinese Contemporary Art, San Francisco, United States of America     

華人當代藝術展, 美國舊金山     


The Second Quarter Fortuitous Art Festival, Sunshine Art Gallery, Beijing, China     

第二節偶發藝術節, 北京宋莊上上美術館


Asian Art Biennale, Ulan Bator, Mongolia     

亞洲藝術雙年節, 蒙古烏蘭巴托     


Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wellington Gallery, Hong Kong     

華人當代藝術精品展, 香港威靈頓畫廊     


The 7th Culture and Art Festival of Songzhuang China, Songzhuang     

第七屆宋莊文化藝術節, 宋莊  



A Beautiful New World – International Contemporary Art Exhibition, London, England     

美麗新世界 - 當代藝術展, 英國倫敦     


Palm Beach Contemporary Art, Exhibition, USA     

棕櫚灘當代藝術展, 美國     


Red Man meet Sinful Ladies of the night, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China     

當代藝術二人展, 北京甦蒙畫廊     


Community! Community! Songzhuang Theme Exhibition, Bejing Songzhuang     

“群落!群落”宋莊主題展, 北京宋莊萬盛園美術館     


“60、70、80” China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chateau de Tours, France     

近歷史——60、70、80” - 中國當代藝術展, 法國圖爾     


Status – Chinese Contemporary Exhibition, Beijing     

狀態 - 中國當代藝術展, 北京  



Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden     

斯德哥爾摩藝術博覽會, 瑞典     


Ling Factory Art Centre Regulations Exhibition, Ling Factory Art Centre, Beijing, China     

0工廠藝術中心常規展, 北京798藝術區0工廠     


Backbone - From Songzhuang - Chinese Contemporary Art, J.P. Art Centre, Taiwan     

中堅力量 - 中國當代藝術展, 台灣琢璞藝術中心    


Collection Exhibition - Triumph Art Space, Beijing 798 District    



Fluxion Stars, Triumph Art Space     

流動的星 - 藝術聯展, 凱旋藝術機構     


Games Extra dimensional Group Exhibition, Art+ Shanghai Gallery     

遊戲異次元 - 群展, 上海Art+Shanghai  畫廊     


Collection Exhibition – Duke Gallery, Duke Gallery, Shanghai     



Upstream – Art Exhibition, London, England     

逆流 - 藝術展, 英國倫敦  



Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland     

巴塞爾藝術博覽會, 瑞士巴塞爾


Going Out of Songzhuang, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, China     

走出宋莊—當代藝術展, 北京、上海、瀋陽     


8 Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark     

中國當代藝術八人展, 丹麥哥本哈根     


Ink gallery Winter Group Exhibition,Ink gallery, Beijing, China     

墨畫廊冬季群展, 墨畫廊


Collection Exhibition – Art Gallery Art majeur, Art Gallery Artmajeur     

藝寶畫廊當代精品聯展, 藝寶畫廊     


Songzhuang Art Festival, Songzhuang,  Beijing, China     

宋莊藝術節 宋莊     


Group Exhibition in Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art,  Shanghai     

上海多倫現代美術館群展, 上海  



2006 Touch Contemporary Shelf Painting of 25 Artists, Tour Exhibition, Beijing Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China     

觸動2006當代架上繪畫25人聯展, 北京當代藝術館     


AAF Chinese Contemporary Arts, Jijie Gallery, Beijing, China     

AAF中國當代藝術展, 北京季節畫廊     


3rd Humanities Olympic Fine Arts, Beijing, China     

第三屆人文奧運美展, 中華世紀壇     


1st Multimedia Arts, Songzhuang, Beijing, China     

宋莊第一屆多媒體藝術展, 北京宋莊     


Pressure and Power of a Fugacious Era, Songzhuang Artists Courtyard, Beijing, China     

無常年代的“壓與力”, 宋莊藝術集中營畫廊     


Arts in Qianshao, Qianshao Gallery, Beijing, China     

藝術在前哨—當代藝術聯展, 宋莊前哨畫廊     


Zhiqinggo Gallery Opening, Zhiqinggo Gallery, Beijing, China     

紫禁清閣畫廊開幕展, 紫禁清閣畫廊     


United Artists, Female Artists Center, Beijing, China     

藝術家聯展, 藝群女屋     


Shut up, Sun Gallery, Beijing,China     

閉嘴—現代藝術展, 日博愛努畫廊


2006  Songzhuang Art Exhibition, Beijing Songzhuang     

2006年宋莊藝術大展, 北京宋莊     


Impression & Contry document, Shanghai, China     

印象&世紀文本油畫提名展, 上海     


The Group Exhibition of Beijing Artists, Guangzhou, China     

北京藝術家廣州聯展, 廣州  



Songzhuang Ring, Songzhang Artists Gallery, Beijng, China     

環宋莊藝術集結2005, 北京畫家村畫廊     


Songzhuang Road, Beijing, China     

宋莊路—當代中國文化藝術展, 北京  



China Contemporary, Qianjing Gallery, Beijing, China     

當代藝術百人展, 北京千景畫廊     


Desolate City Vanguard Photography, the Netherlands     

荒涼城市—前衛攝影展, 荷蘭鹿特丹  



China Contemporary, Mainland Gallery, Beijing, China     

中國當代藝術百人展, 北京大陸藝術家畫廊     


What the Important Is Cars, Minchegang of Wangfujing, Beijing, China     

重要的是汽車—當代藝術作品展, 北京王府井名車港     


The 1st Young Artists Arts Exhibition, Today Arts Museum, Beijing, China     

首屆青年美展, 今日美術館     


United Exhibition of 21 Contemporary Artists, Hilton Guanjin Gallery, Beijing, China     

當代藝術家二十一人聯展, 北京希爾頓飯店觀景廊     


Art Works Auction, Tokyo Arts Project Gallery, Beijing, China     

99幅藝術作品拍賣展, 東京藝術工程     


TAM Picture Exhibition, Paris, France

TAM圖片展, 法國巴黎   



China Contemporary Arts, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China     

中國當代藝術作品新春聯展, 北京炎黃藝術館  



Gather At Desenmen•China Avant Garde Arts, Yishen Gallery, Beijing, China     

相聚德勝門—中國前衛藝術作品展, 北京藝森畫廊  



Duyu Space Avant Garde Photography, Beijing Odeon, Beijing, China     

《獨語空間》先鋒攝影展, 北京音樂廳畫廊  



The 3rd Oil Works Exhibition of China, China Fine Art Museum, Beijing, China     

第三屆中國油畫年展, 中國美術館,北京