Wang Mingming
Penglai, Shangdong Province, China 1952


Seventies calligraphy works were wrote by all his heart.   “Every time I imitate the calligraphy, I can find the new feeling.”


Wang Mingming was born in Penglai, Shangdong Province in 1952. He began painting during his childhood, and those early works have been exhibited in over 30 countries as well as winning International awards. Throughout the 1970’s, Wang undertook an apprenticeship which saw him working with Wu Zuoren, Li Kuchan, Jiang Zhaohe, Liu Lingcang, Lu Chen, Zhou Sicong, Yao Yuodou and many others. These years saw him develop a solid foundation for his artworks, as well as helping him to improve his techniques.   


In 1978, Wang was admitted to the Central Academy of Art, but did not attend the school. In the same year he transferred to the Academy of Fine Art in Beijing to be a professional painter. Wang’s works successfully incorporate both the broad and mystical brushstrokes of ancient Chinese scholar paintings and the attitudes and ambience of contemporary life. This provides Wang’s unique and distinctive style which is conceptualised and enjoyable.   


Wang Mingming lives and works in Beijing and holds the following positions:   Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee  

First-class artist and the dean of Beijing Fine Art Academy  

Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture  

Vice Chairman of Chinese Artists Association  

Chairman of Beijing Artists Association  

Vice Chairman of Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles Committee  

Deputy Director of the CPPCC National Committee  

Member of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Committee  

Doctoral tutor of Chinese Arts Academy  

Vice President of China Overseas Friendship Association  

Vice President of Beijing Association of Intellectuals outside the party  

Vice President of Beijing Municipal People’s Association for Friendship 





1995  Wang Mingming's Paintings solo exhibition, Singapore Heritage Museum, Singapore  

1998  Wang Mingming Art  solo exhibition Municipality,  Hong Kong  

2007  06.10 31.10  The 20th Anniversary of Wan Fung Art Gallery Wan Fung Art Gallery,  Shanghai China  

2008  25.10 25.11  The Grand Opening Ceremony of New Beijing Wan Fung Art Gallery,  Beijing China  

2009  08.08 28.08  Contemporary Chinese Figure Paintings by Distinguished Masters Wan Fung Art Gallery,  Hong Kong  

2011  27.04 08.05  Early Art Career- Paintings from Wang Mingming’s Childhood Art Museum of Beijing Art Aademy, Beijing  China  

2016  12.07 28.07  Expressions chinoises  Palais de l'Institut de France, Paris France   



1980  Prize for exceptional works - Du Fu Beijing  

1984  Prize for exceptional works - Morning Song Beijing  

1986  Prize of excellence - Valley to Live Japan  

1987  Price for exceptional works - Midssummer Beijing  

1988  Price for exceptional works - Automn Beijing   



Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China National Art Museum, Beijing