Liu Baomin
Xian, Shanxi Province, China 1968


“this is a complex problem. To put it simply, having this perception, it is mainly because of the ideology impact brought by the great changes in social values and cognition after reform and opening up. The education I received in the 60s is completely China’s different from social cognition today… so now I feel like I’m looking at the world through a medium, something like frosted glass. Through the medium, I cannot see the real image in the world, so I feel confused. I did not use this kind of frosted or cracked glass effect deliberately. I just think it is more accord with my current mood… Every phenomenon is virtual. Every phenomenon is not the ontology”. 


Liu Baomin was born in Xian in 1968 and graduated from the Xian Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in oil painting in 1989. Liu remained in Xian until 2002 when he relocated to Beijing, where he still lives and works. Liu is currently a member of the Shaanxi Oil Painting Artists Association and a professional painter and has had his works exhibited in the US, Europe and Asia.   


Liu’s paintings depict his subjects in large scale portraits which have been painted in an abstract way to seem as if you are looking at them through a sheet of water or rain. Each artwork will take months to complete and contain intricate lines and shapes that are executed in a hyper realistic way. They also contain an intricacy that is unique to his works and is created by his use of vivid colours and transformation of the portrait by the water. By painting in this way Li creates an intervening region between self and the object, in the same way a piece of frosted glass would. 


Liu uses many different artistic approaches, including surrealism and semi-abstract techniques, in his art to reflect his concerns on the future of China. By having the subjects of his artworks appear to look at us through distorted lenses Liu manages to portray them as showing bewilderment and being daunted by a world that is moving too fast and is in need of a greater sense of spiritual values. 


“What I want to express is the alienation experienced by people after stepping into a commercialised society. Human relationships are experienced according to the value that separate people from themselves” says Liu Baomin.   




Recent Exhibition Highlights   

2016 Art Stage Singapore, Singapore     

2016 Singapore Contemporary Art Fair, Singapore   

2015 Asia Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong   

2014 "The Collection" Director's 10 Year Private Collection, Wellington Gallery, Hong Kong

2011 SH Contemporary Art Fair, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China   

2010 Unrelated, Found Museum, Beijing, China       

2010 Beyond The Broken Skin, Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2010 To Live on Ourselves in Three Aspects, Zhuzao Art Museum, Beijing,China,     

2009 Art Paris, Gallerie Loft, Paris, France