Franklyn Dzingai
Kwekwe, Zimbabwe 1988


“Over the last decade, Zimbabwean contemporary art has undergone a remarkable transformation. After years of economic adversity and political stagnation, which left local art scene isolated and under-resourced, the small but resilient art community rebounded with a verve for international engagement...   These young artists are deeply concerned by the complexities and challenges of life in Zimbabwe, undefeated by the problems and triumphant in their expressiveness.”  


- Valerie Kabov, Nov. 2018 


Franklyn Dzingai was born in 1988 in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe.  In 2009 he started his fine art studies at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Visual Art Studio in Harare and finished in 2011 with a focus on printmaking.   


Franklyn is now an emerging artist working in Harare, who specialises in printmaking. He prefers using cardboard for printing relief using the reductive method. Collage and drawing are often incorporated into his prints. His prints are typically vibrant in colour and ornate in design.  


He sources his images from books, magazines, newspapers and family photos. Themes such as social interactions and personal memories are found in his prints.  Franklyn is one of the few artists in Zimbabwe who focuses on printmaking and has perfected the cardboard printing method. This has led him to win many awards at various shows and exhibitions in Harare.   




“In my work I specialize in drawing and printmaking. I enjoy the spontaneity of drawing, while printmaking challenges me to work with economy of means. I concentrate on essentials so that I can evaluate a concept and its alternative solutions. My preferred technique is card print because it enables me to incorporate different textures, effects and backgrounds and allows me some flexibility for variation during the stages of the printing process. In my work I am interested in exploring all the issues that impact my life, from the social concerns of everyday living in Zimbabwe to the lives of my family, my personal experiences, memories and interactions.”



2018 Bridges, V54, Hong Kong   

2018 Line and Form Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe   

2018 Paper Tigers: Dzingai, Mupita, Nyahunzvi, First Floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe 

2017 Bridges, Lucie Chang Fine Arts, Hong Kong    

2017 From Line to Form II Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe 

2016 Zig Zag Boundaries National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe Capetown Art fair 

2016 Zig Zag Zim II Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe   

2016 Beyond The Body Exhibition Tsoko Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe   

2016 Mask Ball Exhibition and Auction National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe   

2016 Young Artist Exhibition Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe   

2016 Annual Show, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe 

2015 Artist in the Stream VII Gallery Delta Surface = Drawing Village Unhu 

2015 Mharidzo 100 Hundred exhibition Village Unhu    

2015 Prominent Personalities, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe   

2015 Migration Gallery Delta, Harare 2015 Artist in the     

2015 Stream VI Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2015 Born Free a whole new mind, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe 

2014 Zimbabwe Annual Show, National Gallery of  Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2014 Artist in the Stream 1V,  Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2014 Emoji, Koovah Gallery,   Harare, Zimbabwe    

2014 Way Finding, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe 

2014 Tragedy and Comedy, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe  

2013 Mukati Unze: Exploring the spirit of the Zambezi exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2013 100 Hundred exhibition, Alliance Francaise, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2013 No Limits competition and exhibition, First floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2013 Chiso-Face Portrait Exhibition, First floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2013 Artist in the Stream iv’, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe  

2012 Annual Art and Sport contest,   Harare, Zimbabwe Art Alive fundraising and exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2012 Idea of Self exhibition, National Gallery Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe    

2012 Artist in the Stream III, Gallery Delta, Harare Tradition, Family and Religion competition and     exhibition, Delta Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe  



‘Bridges’, V54 

Hong Kong, 15/03/2018–20/04/2018

Interest in African contemporary art has exploded in recent years, with endeavours like the 1-54 African Contemporary Art Fair offering a platform to present art from the continent to audiences in London and New York, while promoting the development of the African art market on the continent. With this in mind, V54—an organisation established by local charity Po Leung Kuk to promote youth arts and cultural development—presents Bridges, a group exhibition of contemporary African art curated by artist-in-resident Lee Garakara. The exhibition will present paintings and screenprints by three emerging artists: Tafadzwa Gwetai, Franklyn Dzingai and Anthony Bumhira.




The National Gallery of Zimbabwe 2015 

Mharidzo seeks to interrogate the role of the artist in questioning the religious fervor that has played a significant part in shaping our society today. It also seeks to give the artist a platform to hold forth on issues that are close to their hearts nekuparidza.  This exhibition explores the rites of passage for Zimbabwean contemporary art as well as showcase original work produced in the time period specified. Mharidzo seeks to provide an opportunity for resident Zimbabwean artists to tell their story using different mediums of sculpture, painting, photography, new media and installation.  The National Gallery of Zimbabwe has always emphasized on encouraging artists to produce their best work which in turn saw artists showcasing creative and original work. It is a platform for Zimbabweans artists to show their work. National Gallery of Zimbabwe strives to select the finest possible works of visual art which spring from the fertile culture of the region and showcase them regionally and internationally. In this respect art played the role of not just cataloging the history of the country but to take on an ambassadorial role. This has been seen through the staging of the Zimbabwe Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and many other shows that have been taking place at the gallery for many years.



‘Paper Tigers: Dzingai, Mupita, Nyahunzvi’

First Floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe 2018   

“Paper is often seen as a medium of preparation, an interim step before the main event whether it be painting or sculpture. And yet working on paper has been and continues to be the most beloved and most enduring preoccupation of all artists. Despite popular conceptions and misconceptions about working on paper the trio in Paper Tigers – Franklin Dzingai, Tendai Mupita and Option Nyahunzvi have each courageously dedicated their artistic careers to the medium and are making personal and creative discoveries.  


For Dzingai, the intervention of advertising images into traditional patterns and animal symbolism are both harmonizing and conflicted creating surreal landscapes, where photo reality of collaged images is dwarfed by the stability and solidity of religion and culture; faith in history and ability of Zimbabwe to withstand the pressures and upheavals of the contemporary reality, affirmed.”  

-Valerie Kabov Curator




Aids prevention in Zimbabwe 

The Ivory Foundation supported in 2013 a project to prevent HIV / AIDS in Zimbabwe. This project, run in collaboration with the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) and the National Aids Council (NAC), was designed to educate young people about condom use, which remains the simplest way of protection and the most reliable to prevent HIV and unwanted pregnancies.  As part of this project, the participation of Zimbabwean artists was requested to illustrate the packaging of the distributed condoms. These artists were selected following a competition organized with the collaboration of the “Delta Gallery,” one of the references of contemporary art in Harare. 


Participants proposed a project of artistic creation sketch, presented to a jury in charge of selecting 10 works according to artistic criteria and suitability to convey prevention messages. The selected artists then received a scholarship to complete the final work.  In collaboration with the “Alliance Française” of Harare, the works of the selected artists were exhibited at the “Delta Gallery” in 2014, prior their printing on condom packaging to be distributed by the ZNFPC in the universities.