Fan Youxin
Lanzhou, China 1943-1997


His works are serene, connotative, profound and sophisticated. A man-made learner, determined to forge ahead; teaches from art, and is meticulous. Winning high praise from people from all walks of life, Mr. Youxin's pen and ink last forever and his spirit is immortal. 


Fan Youxin (1943-1997), is a famous Chinese painter and art educator. He graduated from the Art Department of Northwest Normal University in 1966. He was a professor and director of the Art Department of Lanzhou Institute of Education, a visiting professor at Ibaraki University, a researcher at the Gansu Provincial Museum of History, a recipient of special allowances from the State Council and an outstanding expert in Gansu Province.   


Since 1978, he has been a member and standing committee member of the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Session of the CPPCC in Lanzhou. In 1990, Youxin was in the first batch of top professionals and technical talents in Lanzhou City. Youxin was the winner of the "Gardener Award" in Gansu Province and was awarded the "Zeng Xianzi Education Fund Award" by the Ministry of Education.  


Fan Youxin has been engaged in art teaching and creation for many years. He paints flowers and birds but is especially known for his camel paintings, and has earned the reputation of "Fan Camel". Hou Baolin, an influential xiangsheng performer, praised the 10-meter scroll ‘Hundred Camel’: "The real spirit!", a "god-like" evaluation.   


Fan Youxin has been invited to hold solo exhibitions in Beijing. More than 20 works have been collected by the National Art Museum of China, Tiananmen Tower and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. He has also been invited to Japan, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places to hold solo art exhibitions and conduct academic exchanges and lectures.  


In 1986, he created a ten-meter long scroll "Hundred Camels". The 100-meter long Qianfeng Tu (Thousad Mountains), created in 1992 and exhibited in Beijing, shows the camel in different seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter with large splashes of ink and part-time tape writing on the same screen.   


The world of calligraphy and painting is hailed as another masterpiece after the long scroll "Hundred Camels". In the same year, his "Silk Road Flying Boat" was selected as the "China's First Silk Road Festival" commemorative stamp issue. He has published "Fan Youxin Painting Collection" and "Fan Youxin Camel Collection". He has also compiled nearly ten types of teaching notes on Chinese painting, including "Basic Knowledge of Chinese Painting", "Watercolor Painting Techniques" and "Flower and Bird Painting Techniques".