Mitchell Schorr
New York, USA 1972


Mitchell Schorr was born in New York in 1972. Raised entirely in the city, he then attended The Carnegie Mellon School of Art in Pittsburgh from 1989 for 4 years before spending a year at the Lorenzo De Medici Italian Institute of Art in Florence. Returning to New York in 1994, he received his BA from Ithaca College and then moved on to the New York Academy of Art.


Schorr is probably the best known urban mural painter in the world and has been painting 3-D murals around New York’s parks for over a decade. His murals have appeared on NY1 TV’s “New Yorker of the Week”, Fox 5 TV’s “Good Day New York” and the movie “New York, I Love You” starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Christie. These murals have also caught the attention of academics Janet Braun-Reinits, Amy Goodman and Jane Weismann writing in the book On the Wall: Four Decades of Community Murals:


“People enter, rather than view, Schorr's faraway landscapes, which literally envelop New York's distinctly urban parks (p. 163). Schorr, not content with one wall, looks at the total site. Every surface, fence, and pavement are potential components in his grand environmental schemes (p. 164). If not community murals in the strictest sense, Schorr's projects, characterised by loose brushwork and high colour, invite thousands of New Yorkers into exotic, distant landscapes, far from their everyday concrete reality (p. 164).”


In 2011, Schorr began his “Da Race” series in New York. The concept of these murals is to pit a variety of racing cars against a New York City ice cream truck, with the vehicles exchanging leads, falling behind and catching up again as the race moves from location to location. The ice cream truck is used to elicit the feelings of joy and innocence they invoked during childhood. WITH OVER 40 Da Race Murals across New York, Schorr was then commissioned to create “Da Race on the Riverfront” in Detroit on their most recognised building, The Renaissance Center and GM Headquarters. The mural is so large it can be seen from across the water in Canada. In addition to this commission, Schorr painted more than


10 additional murals in Detroit, helping to change dreary, rundown buildings and neighbourhoods into colourful hope. The Da Race series was also brought to Asia in 2015 when Schorr, in his first trip to Hong Kong, created the “Da Race to the East” live in Lan Kwai Fong, and incorporated the local Hong Kong taxi into the race. 


Schorr’s works do not just consist of murals. His canvases have travelled the world and been on display in the US, Europe and Asia. The Detroit Institute of Arts have also purchased some of Schorr’s canvases and one hangs in the permanent collection, next to a work by Frank Stella. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit is also showing one of Schorr’s works in its “Little Library Originals: A Collision of Art, Literacy and Community” exhibition.


‘Da Race’ Mural Series Detroit


‘Da Race’ Mural Series New York


‘Da Race to Da East’ Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong




2017    GX Gallery, London , UK, No Rhyme or Reason

2015    Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong, Hublot Loves Art Presents Mitchell Schorr Live

2011    Fashion Center, New York, The Flying Soles and Paintings