Asia Contemporary Art Show Fall 2019 Edition


Unveiling A Fresh Perspective 


Macey and Sons have been the exclusive art sponsor of the Asia Contemporary Art Show for four consecutive years. This year, we were extremely proud to be in the Lobby level of Conrad, a grand exhibition on ‘Legacy’, what we’re born with and what we pass. A highlight featured a selection of post-war Japanese art from the radical art collective, ‘Gutai Art Association’ and, displayed for the first time, an artwork by proclaimed artist Jiro Yoshihara, co-founder of ‘Gutai Art Association’ and writer of the "Gutai Manifesto" 1956. Other highlights among the exhibition included Shazia Imran, Wang Xiao Bo and Fleur Cowles just to name a few. 





How does such a mundane word such as, ‘Alenola’, become so significant? A meaningless word you hold with meaningful value. Like an Indian summer in the middle of winter, like a bird in the sky, or, for all one knows, perhaps someone’s soul darting across the universe. Are you responsible for the weight of this word? What if it was due to the impression that someone had stitched into your life’s seams?


We’ve all at some point in our lives met someone that has made a lasting impression. However small or large, by their art, charisma or words- be it positive or somewhat less, something was pressed into you. And now you press that book against your chest intimately, intermittently between writing pages of poetry that one day your child will read.

But it is your story. It was not your word, but you graced ‘Alenola’ and nurtured it with high esteem. You saw beyond its seven, scrambled letters that thousands of people over-look each day, paused and instilled value. You invested in the term. And now the next person to read this will appraise ‘Alenola’ because you have made a difference in the word. Your needle is sharp, your spool is unravelling. Hence, a legacy is born.


Artist - Shazia Imran with her 'Mandala Collection' @ ACAS 2019
Displaying Artists (From the left) : Wang Xiao Bao, Thomas Carrigan, Li Fuyuan, Walless Ting
Displaying Artist : Wang Xiao Bo, Zhu Yiyong