Jonathan Macey

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


For more than twenty-five year career working in the industry he has invested vast amounts of time and energy - not to mention a considerable quantity of capital - to set up what is now a highly respected company that is at the forefront of the art insurgence that is taking place in ‘Asia’s World City’. “I realised that the Hong Kong and China market was ever-expanding and that the Chinese buyers were acquiring more and more art at that stage”.

If you look at Asia, particularly Hong Kong it could very well be the ‘hub’ of the art world before long. I know it will be in fact. The government is behind it, there’s a wealth of galleries and museums plus all the big players are here”. And what does this tell the vigilant Macey? “That there is a market for what we do,” he says confidently. There’s a huge potential here and that’s why we are expanding to become the ‘go-to’ place to trading art in Hong Kong”.

Investment in art is becoming less of a ‘fad’ and more of the norm as savvy investors look to potentially lucrative alternatives to the more conventional forms of investment. “The younger generation coming through will be the barometer of your success. Nowadays there are colleges, art degrees, museums and the like - everyone is talking about art and I think it will continue like that”.